I guess for now this is just a club of one. I’m not really a loner and I feel like I have a lot of friends. Skiing has just worked out for me like that in the last several years. I am from Texas, but grew up taking trips for Spring Break with my parents and brothers. Then with my buddies during college. I kept up with it a few times a season, and everyone else fell off. I travel a fair amount for work, which has made it difficult to make new friends outside of work. And being in Wichita, it’s not a super outdoorsy place. It’s really not a ski town. Which is kind of a funny thought.

Anyway, I’m not too serious about making this a ski club, but I saw this domain was expiring and thought what the hell. Maybe something will come of it if I call it a club.

Not sure what I’m going to post. Maybe I’ll just archive my own trips. We’ll see. Watch me go.