Air Travel Tips to Salt Lake City, UT for Wichita Skiers

Utah is a popular travel destination for Wichita Skiers. The area boasts some of the greatest snow on Earth, a fact that the state frequently claims. When it comes to skiing, Utah features seven areas and 15 resorts. You can enjoy a solo ski trip, one with a special person or your family. The Salt Lake International Airport is easy to get in and out of despite being the 23rd busiest one throughout North America. It is close to downtown Salt Lake if you need something to do before heading up to one of the resorts. It is also less than an hour’s drive from most of the state’s major ski resorts.

Popular Airlines and Costs
Delta Airlines has made Salt Lake City one of its central airports, but you can also easily fly to the destination on Southwest Airlines, United Airlines or American Airlines. The Salt Lake Airport features two terminals and five concourses. Delta, SkyWest and KLM are located in Terminal one while the other airlines operate out of terminal two. Depending on the time of year you are traveling, you can fly to Salt Lake City from around $225 to $450 or higher.

Packing, Baggage and Airport Travel Tips
Airlines like Alaska, Delta and Southwest offer curb side check-in. Skycap is a service that’s offered based on the season, so if this is something that you want or need, be sure to confirm its availability with the airline that you’re flying on.

Air travel tips to Salt Lake City include packing recommendations. For instance, you’ll want to bring ski clothes like waterproof ski pants, a coat and waterproof gloves. You can rent skis from any of the area’s resorts, or if you intend to rent a car and drive to the resort, consider renting from one of the downtown areas. It will likely cost less. The airlines are accustomed to passengers bringing their skis, so if you’ve invested in a pair, then bring them.

Getting from the Salt Lake City Airport to the Ski Resorts
Air travel tips to Salt Lake City include considering transportation. If you’re heading to one of the Park City resorts or Sundance, you can hire a shuttle to transport you. Some Park City hotels offer shuttle service, so be sure to check. If you’ve opted to ski at the Brian Head resort in southern Utah, you’ll want to rent a car. This resort is about a three-and-a-half-hour drive from the Salt Lake City Airport. Be prepared for plenty of yummy places to eat around the resorts and friendly locals.

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