These are the places/brands I recommend buying gear from. I’m only talking about brands and stores that I have used. This is just my experience. If you don’t like it, go make your own site.


Backcountry–They aren’t great at everything, but I have bought googles and a few other accessories from them. I like their logo.

REI–I mean, is there a better store? I pretty much shop here exclusively wherever I can find an open store. If you are in Denver, go to their flagship store. It is the rocks.

Christy Sports–They also rent skis, but they have an annual sale around Labor Day where they sell all of last year’s stuff at deep discounts. I just happened to be in Denver for a rafting trip and walked in here for a helmet and got all near gear.

Patagonia–Tried and true. Very expensive, but such great stuff that is light and durable. All of my underwear is their wicking stuff. You didn’t need to know that. Forget I said it.


Patagonia–See above.

REI–See above

Kuhl–They have ski gear, but I buy the crap out of their jeans.

The North Face–Have several coats going way back. They are pretty great. You know the name.

Salomon–Have shoes from them, but every pair of ski boots I own have been Salomon.

Bern–Great helmets. Expensive, but they figured out how to make good helmets that don’t make you look like Lord Helmet.

Marker–The googles I have now are Marker. Big lens. These made me a better skier, as I had been using old ones for a while and didn’t realize that I couldn’t see.

Voormi–I have this midlayer wool jacket from them that I wear everywhere, on and off the slopes. But this is my joint skiing for sure. Not cheap, but worth it.

Asolo–Not exactly a ski brand, but they are my go-to hiking boots, which is what I wear in the winter.

Butron–I have a few hoodies, but my snowpants are Burton and they are the best I’ve had probably lifetime. Warm and Light.

I’ll try to put some pics up here of my gear so that I can remember later in life which of these brands kept me going.