I guess maybe I’m just bragging here, but going to try to list out all the mountains that I have skied. Again, this is for archival purposes. Should help with reflection and maybe illuminate some goals of where I’d like to ski before my left knee requires a surgical bill.

New Mexico

This was all in 2016 when I lived and worked in ABQ. I rented a place in Santa Fe outside of town for 3.5 weeks just to be able to ski everywhere easier. I had a blast.




Red River

Angel Fire

Ski Santa Fe


This was kind of a work trip to San Jose. I rented a car and drove into the mountains early Thursday. Skied all of this by Sunday evening. Ended up in Reno because I forgot to book a flight and felt like a night at the Peppermill and some poker was better than driving in traffic back to the bay area. Not a cheap flight out, but made a few bucks playing cards. Overall, one of the better 4 days I’ve ever had. This was pretty much the trip that broke me. Nobody in the group I was with wanted to ski or even just go to Tahoe for the weekend. Many times before I went with the group decision and regretted being polite. This round, I did what I wanted to do the whole way and it was a really fun time. Certainly, it would have been better with friends, but friends weren’t good enough to see the way.


Mt. Rose




My experience in Colorado has spanned 18+ years. This is where I learned to ski. Somewhere in the trees of Breckenridge. From middle school ski trips with my family to college to just after college to any time since then when I have had the time or found a deal. I could talk all day about my favorites here, which is a mix of nostalgia and pure bliss powder days.




Winter Park





Crested Butte


Colorado was my first love, but I’m in love with Utah. Cheaper, deeper, longer season, fewer people, better skiers. There is less nightlife and the lodging doesn’t compare to Tahoe or Colorado, but all around the conditions here are way better to ski and the most expensive ticket isn’t much more than the least expensive one in Colorado. And when you ski as much as I like to, that can add up.



Park City

Deer Valley

The Canyons



West Virginia

This was kind of a good. I was in DC for 5 weeks on a government project. Not top secret. Just for the DOI and pretty boring work at that for being the DOI. I took a weekend trip into West Virginia around the Massanutten area with some work friends. They mainly wanted to drink all night, but quietly. Like sip scotch and never get loud, but stay up until 4am. Anyway, on a whim I looked up ski areas that first morning and saw there were some small ones in the area and picked these off on a Friday, plus Massanutten, which is in VA. Then I learned of Snowshoe from their pretty awesome FB account and on Saturday I made a longer drive down to the best little hill this side of the Mississippi.



Canaan Valley




My buddy has a cabin near Cumberland, where he spends lots of time. I didn’t feel like ice fishing again after a couple days of it and found this little hill where you can literally ski all night.


New York

This was so long ago I can barely remember it. It was small and cold and not too far from Syracuse. We skied every bit of it in 30 minutes. It was kind of hilarious as it was my first non-big mountain skiing.