Snow Creek: A First and Favorite Experience for Wichita Skiers

Everyone who grew up skiing in Wichita has a shared experience—Snow Creek. The perfect destination for a weekend ski trip, Snow Creek has a place in every Wichita skier’s heart as a beloved winter wonderland. We certainly remember these trips fondly—spending the three-hour drive singing and laughing, looking out the window as Kansas slipped away.


Established in 1986, Snow Creek has been a purveyor of winter fun and family memories for generations. Their 300-foot vertical drop allows for fourteen runs, two terrain parks, and over 30 acres of skiable terrain. Getting to the summit was never a problem, either—we remember singing call-and-response songs on any one of their three chairlifts. Snow Creek also sports 60 state-of-the-art snowmaking machines to ensure quality conditions throughout the season.


We all learned to ski and snowboard at Snow Creek. Around a third of the mountain offered beginner terrain, which was perfect when we were growing up. The fun continued as we got better at skiing—if you weren’t hurdling down Six-Shooter, the resort’s only black diamond trail, you weren’t living. We’d top the day off with a few runs on the tubing track while the parents spent some quality time at the Last Run Bar.


Though we may not have known it as kids, Snow Creek also provides one of the most affordable skiing opportunities in the region; depending on the time of season, adult tickets were rarely more than $30. Those savings still exist, encouraging hundreds of Wichita families to make Snow Creek their winter home. If you didn’t grow up learning how to hockey stop on the Oregon Trail or slipping and sliding your way down Flatlands, did you really have a Wichita skiing childhood?

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