Air Travel Tips to Jackson Hole, WY for Wichita Skiers

For anyone that lives in the Wichita, KS area, dealing with the coldest months of the year can be a challenge. However, one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to take a memorable ski trip. One of the best winter ski destinations for those in the Wichita area is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which has a strong mix of runs and some beautiful scenery. Since it is such a long drive, flying to Jackson Hole could be a much better option. There are several air travel tips to Jackson Hole that can help this process go smoothly.

Most Popular Airlines and Costs
There is one major airport that serves the Jackson Hole area, which is the Jackson Hole Airport. While direct flights are not available to and from Wichita, there are still several convenient options. People from Wichita will find affordable flights on United and American Airlines, which could connect through a variety of different airports including those in Chicago, Dallas, and Denver. Round trip flights are frequently available for under $250, but prices vary based on the day depending on current demand.

Packing, Baggage, and Airport Travel Tips
When you come to Jackson Hold for a ski weekend, you do not have to bring too much with you. Ideally, you should bring warm and comfortable clothes for you to enjoy while you are not on the ski runs. You should also bring your ski coat, pants, goggles and gloves. While you could also bring your own skis and boots, it is not necessary as most of these can be rented locally.

Getting from Airport to Ski Resorts
Once you have arrived in Jackson Hole and gathered all of your bags, the next of the air travel tips to Jackson Hole is to get to your resort. Fortunately, there are many different ways that someone can get from the airport to the local ski resorts. In most situations, you can get there within a 35 minute drive.

One option to consider is to rent a car. There are several major car rental services that offer rental agencies on the campus grounds. Another option is to take a private tax or ride share service. You could also schedule a private limo or advance. Several of the local resorts also offer an airport shuttle service, but you should contact the resort and schedule it before you arrive.

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