Air Travel Tips to Minneapolis, MN for Wichita Skiers

Skiers who are seeking air travel tips to Minneapolis will want to read further. Minnesota has an abundance of ski resorts in the Northeast and Northwest regions. Travel tips, directions, and costs are written below for your convenience.

Most Popular Airlines and Costs
The three most popular airlines are Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and United Airlines. Traveling on either of these airlines from Wichita, KS to Minneapolis, MN, non-stop will cost differently. Delta Air Lines typically charge less than $1,000 with one personal item, one carry-on, and two other bags weighing a maximum of 50 pounds are included.

American Airlines typically charge between $582 and $839 with one carry-on and one personal item included. United Airlines usually cost from $265 to $1,709 with one personal item and one carry-on included. On third-party websites, you may be able to purchase cheaper flights. All prices are subject to change.

Packing, Baggage, and Airport Travel Tips
Here are some air travel tips to Minneapolis to help you get the most out of your trip. When packing your bag for your journey, you will want to consider where you plan on placing your bag. Carry-on bags have certain TSA restrictions to follow; all liquid containers, aerosols, and gels must be 3.4 ounces or less. TSA also requires these containers to be placed in a quart-size bag before placing the items into your suitcase.

Checked bags go under the plane; as a result, containers can be any size volume you choose. Of course, you will need to carefully pack your skis and gear to go under the plane. Plan on extra time to get through security, ticket, and check baggage area lines. You should arrive at your gate about 30 minutes or more before boarding time. Keep in mind, boarding times are different than take-off times.

Getting from Airport to Ski Resorts
Central/Northwest Minnesota Ski areas – From MN- 5 West, follow MN-5 West for 1.4 miles; merge onto I-494 West/MN-5 West. Stay on I-494 West for 7.0 miles until you reach exit-8 for East Bush Lake Rd toward County Rd 28. Follow East Bush Lake Rd and Chalet Rd to your destination.

Northeast Ski Resorts – From MN- 5 East, follow MN-5 East for 3.1 miles; exit to the right to get on I-35 East-North. Continue on I-35 East-North for 20.2 miles. Follow the route until it changes to I-35 North. Follow I-35 North for 132 miles; take exit 259 to merge onto MN-61 North. Follow MN-61 North and Ski Hill Rd to your destination.

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